Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide – Klutz/Scholastic

Thumb Wars the Ultimate Guide

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I have been busy with many projects. One of those projects I worked on late last year has finally arrived in stores. Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide is a thumb wrestling activity book published by Klutz/Scholastic for which I created all of the illustrations, along with some of the text treatments and some page layouts. The team over at Klutz, Jill Turney (Art Director) and Eva Steele-Staccio (Writer & Editor), made this an amazingly fun project to work on. Officially the book hits stores in February, but it is already showing up with various online retailers. The book even comes with a really cool, unique glove for you and an opponent to wear while thumb wrestling. So go out and buy the book!

The book at Klutz

The book at

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