Blurry Beeble Original Art vs. Printed Art

Occasionally the art an illustrator creates for a project doesn’t look the same as the art that gets printed on the final product. Such is the case with my Blurry Beeble painting for Magic: the Gathering’s Unstable set.

Blurry Beeble

In this instance, the art description called for the background to be blurred. However, I didn’t want to spend the immense amount of time it would have taken to paint a blurred background by hand. So I knew I would be blurring the background of the painting in post-production using Photoshop. But I also created my painting with a greenish background. This wasn’t quite on point with the world this Beeble was supposed to live in, so I had to correct the background color to make it more blue and white. Again, this was achieved in post-production using Photoshop.

So while all of my fantasy art is still traditionally made, this is a great case for the fact that even traditional artists need to have good digital art skills in today’s marketplace because at the very least you will have to make digital tweaks to your painting.

If you’d like to see the original painting in person, it is currently being auctioned off on eBay :-)

View the painting on eBay here:


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