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Wendy’s Kid’s Meals featuring my Thumb Wars artwork

Hey everyone,

Remember that Thumb Wars book I illustrated for Klutz/Scholastic? Just say yes. Well, a smaller version of the Thumb Wars activity has been included in Wendy’s Kid’s Meals throughout The United States and Canada. You can even catch a glimpse of my thumb wrestling ring artwork in the Wendy’s commercial. Many thanks to my wonderful art director, Jill Turney, for being such a joy to work with and pushing me to create fun illustrations for this wonderful little book that I can honestly say my kids and I have enjoyed very much. I’m honored the team at Klutz chose to include it in their Wendy’s promotion.

Thumb Wars the Ultimate Guide

Welcome to Monster Isle featured in Apple Mac App Store

Welcome to Monster Isle (Immedium, Inc.), written by Oliver Chin and illustrated by yours truly has been brought to life with stunning interactivity by Mobad Games and is now featured in the Apple Mac App Store from March 15 to March 22, 2012. The interactive iPad, iPhone, and Mac app features:

  • “Read to Me” highlights the words to improve reading skills
  • “I Can Read” allows reading at your own pace
  • Individual words can be tapped and multiple words selected to hear that section of the story played back
  • Interactive surprises and hidden objects on every page
  • Hints can be turned on to assist in finding interactive thingamabobs
  • Auto Play available if you want to watch the story unfold like a movie
  • Interactive map with descriptions of the mythical beasts

View the app in the Mac App store
Get the app for your iPad or iPhone

Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide – Klutz/Scholastic

Thumb Wars the Ultimate Guide

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I have been busy with many projects. One of those projects I worked on late last year has finally arrived in stores. Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide is a thumb wrestling activity book published by Klutz/Scholastic for which I created all of the illustrations, along with some of the text treatments and some page layouts. The team over at Klutz, Jill Turney (Art Director) and Eva Steele-Staccio (Writer & Editor), made this an amazingly fun project to work on. Officially the book hits stores in February, but it is already showing up with various online retailers. The book even comes with a really cool, unique glove for you and an opponent to wear while thumb wrestling. So go out and buy the book!

The book at Klutz

The book at

Creative Quarterly 20 and Thumb Wars

creative quarterly magazine issue 20

The latest issue of Creative Quarterly Magazine (issue 20) features one of my images entitled Mayan Walker. I’m in the company of such legendary illustrators as Anita Kunz and David Palumbo, so check out the magazine if you get a chance.

thumb wars - the ultimate guide book coverAlso, a project I had been working on for Scholastic/Klutz Books a few months back is now available for pre-order at and will be released February 1, 2011. The book, Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide, is full of illustrations and various thumb wrestling games, techniques, and challenges. It also comes packaged with the “Sleeve of Doom,” a slick, shiny sleeve that locks the two opponent’s hands in place while they battle it out.

Also, I’ll be selling and signing copies of Welcome to Monster Isle at the Edgerton Book Festival in Edgerton, Wisconsin on Saturday, October 23rd from 10am-4pm. Special guest at the festival will be author/illustrator Chris Van Allsburg. Hope to see you there!