Kickstarter Campaign

God Awful Loser bookOur Kickstarter has been 46% funded toward our goal in the first day. Thank you so much to all that have pledged already. With 29 days left in the campaign, I’m confident we will reach our goal and hopefully go well beyond it.

For those that don’t know about it, my wife Silvia Acevedo and I have created a Kickstarter to raise funds for the production of her young adult novel, God Awful Loser. I’m also offering exclusive, limited edition art prints to backers. That means you can only get the prints by pledging. Below is a link to the campaign and some images of the first piece of art for the print series.

Pluto - God of the Underworld

Pluto - God of the Underworld

Pluto - God of the Underworld

Pluto - God of the Underworld

Three Points Publishing

Hi everyone,
My wife and I have started a publishing company called Three Points Publishing which will become the place where she publishes her novels and I publish my art books, art prints, and art instructional DVDs.

Our first project is Silvia’s debut young adult novel, God Awful Loser, for which I illustrated the cover and designed the book. Here’s a look at that cover.

So head over to the Three Points Publishing website and also find us on Facebook and Twitter.


God Awful Loser book cover

Oil painting of Jinx from League of Legends

I leave my studio and head to Chicago to join fellow fantasy artist and friend, Aaron Miller, at one of his Figurative Illustration Workshops to do live painting of a model dressed as Jinx from League of Legends. During the 4 hour painting session, I create a 16″x20″ oil painting.

To learn more about the Figurative Illustration Workshop, please visit:

Special thanks to Courtney, our Jinx model.